Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shedworking is no picnic

A very funny piece about the joys (and some not joys) of homeworking by Robert Kirby in the Salt Lake Tribune here called Working From Home Is No Picnic. Here are some of my favourite bits about the downside of being a home-anchored worker:
"You have to clean up after yourself in a home office. If your work space starts smelling like a truck stop restroom, there's no one else to blame it on...A major drawback of a home job is the complete lack of opportunity to steal office supplies. You have to watch this one. The first year working at home, I stole myself into the red out of force of habit...The interruptions at home are harder to duck than in a real office. You can blow off a meeting with your supervisor there. But it's utterly impossible to tell a 4-year-old redhead that you can't take an hour and help him hit ants with a hammer."


  1. All too true, alas, as I know from personal experience.

    I have applied for an allotment. Partly, it must be said, in the hope of acquiring a shed in the process.

  2. How long is the waiting list? I've been squatting on a friend's for the last couple of years but have, luckily, just acquired my own. Sadly it's basically just a field so needs considerable work.