Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The perils of the traditional office...

A great question on Aggie 'How Clean is Your House?' MacKenzie's page in The Sunday Times which reinforces why shedworking is the way forward.
Q. My workplace is introducing hot-desking. While I don’t mind my own germs, I’m not too happy about sharing with everyone else. Is there a disinfectant for keyboard, mouse and phone?
A. The average desk harbours more ­disease-causing bacteria than your toilet seat. And given that some cold and flu bugs can ­survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours, you have every right to be concerned. IXOS XC17-A Antibacterial Wet & Dry Wipes, £9.99 for 100 disposable wipes (01844 219000;, are safe to use on all plastic (except LCD screens) and metal surfaces, and claim to reduce bacteria levels by 99.9 per cent if surfaces are treated daily. Clean with a wet wipe and run over with a dry one.

I particularly love the "you have every right to be concerned'.

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