Monday, September 17, 2007

Edvard Grieg's hut

Many composers as well as artists and writers work in sheds. Among the most famous was Edvard Grieg whose lakeside hut at Troldhaugen, Norway, (built 1891) is pictured above. Grieg decided he needed a decent shedworking space following a spate of visitors and noise from the kitchen in his house (although he then found that the lake provided other, albeit more delightful, distractions such as boats going past. Below is a postcard showing the inside of the hut.

Grieg also had a clever trick - whenever he left the hut, he left a message for intruders: “If anyone should break in here, please leave the musical scores, since they have no value to anyone except Edvard Grieg”. I think I'll try that. Pictured below is another of his writing huts in the garden of Hotel Ullensvang in the middle of the garden of Fjord Norway. It is also open to the public.

Via Been/Seen and the Edvard Grieg Museum

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