Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rotating Sphere Lounger

If you're not so keen on a fullyfledged shed, how about this lovely shedlike atmosphere, the Rotating Sphere Lounger from Birmingham-based Farmers Cottage Lamps. The sphere is made from pressure treated pine laminates with a diameter of 2.4 m. Each timber circle is approximately 90mm wide and 120mm deep and between each section is a polycarbonate window to protect the neo-shedworker from the elements while allowing you to watch the rain fall. There are polished stainless louvers above and below the window which Farmers Cottage Lamps say help reflect the environment around it. Shedworking is, as regular readers will know, a sucker for a rotating shedlike atmosphere - here, the platform is mounted onto an angle iron ring which has a series of roller bearings attached to it. This upper angle iron frame sits into a lower angle iron ring, which then makes a track for the sphere to rotate on. Also available is a canopy set to clip over the front of the sphere to enclose it and make a full tent area of the entrance. All in all, very nice.
Via Anne from My Urban Garden Deco Guide which explores the fast changing world of urban gardens and where you can also read a short piece by me on shedworking.
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