Saturday, September 08, 2007

Room at the back

"They have a reputation as the final frontier of male privacy - but today's sheds are more likely to be studies, music rooms or working spaces," says Gareth Rubin in today's Guardian story Room at the back. It's not an indepth look at shedworking, but it does look at several shedworking case studies - Trevor Baylis (who must be a bit sick of having his shed photographed by now), Carol July, a reiki practitioner in Cobham, Surrey, John Fowler, sound engineer, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, and Philip Moore, pianist, north London. Here's what Carol says about her Garden Escape shed:
"I've been practising reiki for seven years now, and have clients over once or twice a week. I used to practise in one of our bedrooms, but when you've got kids and pets and a husband there are constant distractions. I wanted a room that would always be ready, where you can turn everything off and just have the space dedicated to healing. My garden room has a great location - at the back of the garden under an oak and a horse chestnut tree."
Namechecks too for Homeandoffice, Homelodge, Garden Lodges (pictured above), Belleweather, and Rooms Outdoor

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