Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Eye Candy - Cadyville Sauna

The Cadyville Sauna is perhaps less about shedworking than shedrelaxing but it's still a thing of beauty. Designed and built by Dan Hisel, it's very much a shedlike atmosphere by a cliff (the rock provides a whole interior wall) on the Saranac River in upstate New York. Lovely, but even cleverer is that it's covered with mirrors. As the site says: "Twenty feet below the sauna the river coils into a deep and powerful whirlpool, spinning reflections of sunlight back up on the rocks around it and the Sauna above it." There is a very extensive article about it by Pietro Valle at where there are also lots more marvellous pictures. This is how that site describes it:
"The outer shell is completely clad in mirror panels and the path leading to it is positioned diagonally so that no person approaching the building is reflected. The sauna is camouflaged within the trees and the visitor discovers it by colliding with his/her own double at the last moment with a strong effect of displacement. Aggressed by our own reflection, the ground becomes uncertain and the slope towards the gorge seems to slide downwards."

Photographs by Don Dimster and Jennifer Roberts, courtesy of Dan Hisel. Via the always intriguing eye candy.

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