Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shed on wheels - update

Earlier this month Shedworking reported on Laura Geary's plans to live in a shed on wheels during her restoration project at Sockburn Hall and we invited the garden office suppliers who regularly read this site to come forward with their suggestions. And they have done so. Laura says one of the most promising, though not within her £5,000 budget, has come with full drawings and pricing for various options including a trailer. Here's what she says:
"The trailer is W 2.2m x L 3.6m, and the internal height would be 3m, lowering to 1.8m (fine for little me at 5'4"!) under the sleeping platform which will be full width (accessed by a ladder) at the back 2m of the shed. It's fully electrified (!) with sheeps wool insulation and the wood/windows are reclaimed where possible. Thedesign sounds great with cedar shingle roof and a choice of horizontal or vertical claddings. There will be two windows, and probably a half-heck door.

"It's certainly giving me lots to think about. I've had it measured out on the floor to try to visualise it and size wise I think it'll be ideal - though the bigger it is the more I'll be tempted to try to fit in it! Another company is quoting for the work in something other than their traditional oak (that might be a little pricey!) but for many people it seems that as it's such a nonstandard request it falls off the'to do' list!" Some are happier with the adventurous, bespoke requests than others!"
If you'd like to contact Laura with your thoughts, you can email her at sockburn@gmail.com

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