Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mobile workforce report

As reported in Personnel Today, a new survey (from facilities management firm Johnson Controls - no relation) suggests that the traditional office's days are numbered and the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile: indeed, it claims that more than 70% of people consider themselves completely independent in where they can work. The article says:
"Rather than completely abandoning the traditional corporate office, the research shows that employees are using a mix of home, remote and office working as part of a combined package. More than 60% of the staff questioned said they used a combination of office, home and remote working, while 35% said it was not important to go into the office at all. The research shows that flexible working has become far more mainstream in the past five years, with staff spending more time hot-desking, working from home, or working remotely."
Other interesting points:
> the average amount of time spent working in a corporate office has fallen from 55% in 2002 to just 18%
> during the same period, the amount of time spent working remotely has grown by 21%, while homeworking has risen by 16%
>67% of workers claim it actually improves relationships with managers and colleagues

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