Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are you a home-anchored worker?

Shedworker? Homeworker? Teleworker? In the latest issue of the journal New Technology, Work and Employment, Linda Wilks and Jon Billsberry ask the question 'Should we do away with teleworking? An examination of whether teleworking can be defined in the new world of work'. And this is their answer (well, an abstract of it):
"This empirical paper analyses data gathered from self-employed teleworkers, matching this against teleworking's defining characteristics, which appear in the literature. Our evaluation leads us to question whether the term ‘teleworking’ has lost much of its value in today's working world. We therefore suggest the new term ‘home-anchored worker’ as a less complex and more useful replacement."
Personally, it doesn't seem that catchy nor that useful.

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