Thursday, September 27, 2007

Choosing a shed - Energy Space

Sydenham-based Energy Space have just opened their doors and those of you interested in green shedworking will be particularly interested to hear that its Z Energy Space model stands for zero energy and is built to generate electricity through solar panels in its roof. According to Energy Space, the building's low heating requirements with the added energy creation make this range carbon neutral (which they claim makes them unique among garden office suppliers). Here's an example of their greenness:
"The Z Energy-Space® range of buildings is equipped with an array of solar panels that can provide the energy required in the garden building whilst in use. When not in use the energy is diverted to the main house or, if there is nobody at home, back to the grid."
There's a clear section on sustainable building methods employed on the design and construction. All models come with cedar slat external wall cladding, timber laminate flooring, internal roller blinds, sliding glass doors and an alarm. Optional extras include perimeter sensors which I rather fancy.

Director Aaron Priestman, who has just finished an MSc in Environmental Architecture, told Shedworking: "I am applying everything I have learnt about low-carbon building through garden rooms. The idea that someone can experience a carbon neutral building now (without moving home) really appeals to me." There is also a landscape design and construction service available.

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