Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Chic sheds in the USA

An interesting piece by Jane Hulse in the Los Angeles Times suggests that shedworking is becoming increasingly popular in the US. Here's what she says:
"Once shabby, now showy, the shed has become a haven for the home office, art studio, sewing niche or guy getaway. It's cheaper than adding on, goes up faster and looks nothing like a place to stash the lawn mower. The sheds come in a variety of styles -- rustic, urban modern, dollhouse -- and some owners add comfy features such as air conditioning, sky lights, custom windows and doors, everything but plumbing."
However, Hulse wisely points out the need for making sure all the building permits and applications are done properly to avoid problems. She also quotes New Jersey-based shed champion Dan Gray from"It's folks running out of space," he said. "They need a place to work that's quiet, away from the house."

Namechecks for some familiar folk including:
* Summerwood Products
* European Log Cabins
* Modern Shed
* MetroShed
* Tuff Shed
* Tony Gwilliam's T House

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