Friday, September 21, 2007

Win A Guide To All Things Nice (including Shedworking)

It Is Just You, Everything's Not Shit: A Guide To All Things Nice by Steve Stack is a riposte to all those books which suggested that life is generally going downhill fast. Steve takes quite the opposite view and in this book (which has already got some great reviews) as well as his jolly blog here he chronicles some nice things such as Good Hair Days, the Landmark Trust, Smallfilms, honesty boxes and...shedworking. Yes, in the Working From Home section the book features four pages of an interview with me about the joys of shedworking and some background to the whole shedworking enterprise. I've got a couple of copies to give away, thanks to the wise and handsome folk at the book's publishers The Friday Project. For a chance to win, just add your comment below about something which you think is really nice and my favourite two will get a copy. Usual Shedworking competition rules apply. Or you can simply buy a copy by clicking here.


  1. The rather helpful fellow commuter at Bristol Temple Meads who took five minutes out to help me get to the right platform.

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM
    is really nice. Take this good thought for example: "Even though everyone around her is stressed and rushing, somewhere, a woman is taking a moment of calm to really listen to her inner guidance." Or this one: "Somewhere, a woman who thought she was too old to try something new is trying something new. It's bringing her back to life."

    I like Lulu's good thoughts! (your blog is sweet also!)