Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Home office debate - what should it look like?

What's your idea of how a home office should look? Pictured above at Apartment Therapy Chicago is The Home Office by designer Douglas Levine. Apartment Therapy say the idea was all about "creating an office that takes advantage of new technology - no desk or file cabinets needed" and goes on to describe its favourite elements (gold replacing silver for pulls; bright artwork on dark, textured walls; traditional furniture pieces like the wing chairs in updated, slim, modern shapes). Not everybody agrees however that this is an genuine home office setup and the comments below the post are well worth reading...


  1. Hmmm, those comments seem pretty unanimous and I'm afraid I have to follow the herd and vote with everyone else. It's a nice enough room, but not one that could possibly be described as an 'office' except by someone whose job consisted entirely of talking to people on the mobile while sitting back and admiring the surroundings. It would be completely covered in piles of paper, books and post-its in under 20 minutes if I started working in there!

  2. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Yes, it doesn't look like the kind of place where a lot of very hard work is done unless it's of the sitting in a chair thinking about the world kind of work.