Friday, February 01, 2008

Verana's green 'outlooks'

The Been-Seen site focuses on lots of interesting shedlike atmospheres around the world but they also have their own. Here's what they say:
"There are many ways to build employee quarters, temporary housing for those who decide to come work for a season at Verana. This summer we decided to build some additional housing. V-houses at V-erana. An experiment which turned out to be exciting to design, to build and after all to live in."
Inspiration for what they call their ‘outlooks’ came from Jo Scheer who has build ‘hoochs’ in Puerto Rico and Oregon. These are made of metal with what Verana call basically no environmental impact or foot print and can be erected on pretty much any surface.
"With 16’ off the ground they also created an instant spectacular view where there normally wouldn’t be one. Each room has a floor size of 16’x16’ but since all walls tilt outwards the actual space when standing is increased to 18’x18’ and by the time you look at the ceiling we are at 21’x21’. For privacy reasons we spaced all ‘rooms’ about 18’ apart. Due to its modular basic principle any formation would be possible. Our V-houses were prefabricated in Puerto Vallarta and delivered by boat and carried up the hill. No machinery, no heavy duty equipment needed."
Each house is self contained with solar panels, composting lavatories and reused grey water.

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