Friday, February 15, 2008

Cabin installation - Mark Moskovitz

A marvellous entry for the Sheds As Art folder by Mark Moskovitz. His Writer's Cabin won him the Daimler Chrysler Emerging Artist Award and Moskovitz says on Been Seen: "The piece is inspired by the Godfathers of masculine literature I grew up on. Henry David Thoreau, Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Edward Abbey, and others like Edgar Allen Poe who could craft a mood and tone as well as he could a story. I was also influenced by Van Gogh’s bedroom paintings in Arles and how he hoped to convey the feeling of serenity provided by being in the room." He goes on:
"I love writing and although I have too much energy to put in the requisite long days sitting in a chair, I always wanted to build a writer’s cabin. The main irony is that I never built this while living in a rural setting in Northern Vermont which I did for three years, but only once I moved to the Detroit suburbs."
Apparently, rather like Turner Prize winner shedboatshed, he build it in his drive, took it down for an exhibition at Cranbrook Art Museum, disassembled it again to send it to Berlin for another exhibition, then brought it back hom to his own back garden in Cleveland, Ohio where his children use it as a play house.

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