Monday, February 18, 2008

Cardboard shed

On the more temporary side of the shedworking scales is this marvellous design from Super Colossal which they call the Cardboard Cubby. It was designed for the Sydney Design and Decoration trade show as part of a brief to come up with a ‘Sustainable Room’. Here's what the Supers say about it:
"To be honest, I am not really sure what they were after, but we produced a prototype for a flat-pack cubby house, made of cardboard that would could be recycled easily once it is no longer fun, or when it rains, whichever comes first. This version is probably a little larger than it needs to be and ultimately we are planning a version that will come flat packed in a size that fits in the boot of a car, is ultra cheap and easy to construct. Perhaps we could embed the cardboard with seeds and as it slowly disintegrates in the rain and early morning dew, it starts a new growth, planting dense native shrubbery where the cubby house once stood."
Lots more jolly pictures at their site.
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