Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Outhouses - Readers' Outhouses

Now here's a name that sounds familiar, Readers' Outhouses. Part of the wonderful Outhouse Museum setup, this is a small, but attractive, selection of outhouses submitted by visitors to the site. Above is Paul and B.J. Guest's outhouse on 25 acres in Glenelg Township, Grey County, Ontario. Here's what they say:
"It sits atop a 125 ft high glacial esker and overlooks a quiet meadow. The Dutch door with shelf-top invites visitors to linger awhile with their morning coffee and soak up the awakening in the woods first light."
There are plenty more outhouses to browse among, plus a vintage postcard section, gift shop, and the Sherman Hines Outhouse Collection (including the Green and White pictured below) to which we shall return in future weeks.

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