Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sheds score very highly on new places to work survey

HP are running a laudable campaign to make working happier. As part of this, they have recommended 25 New Places To Work. We're delighted to see that number 1 is the garden followed closely by the shed at number 2. Here's what they say:
"Garden sheds have moved upmarket. Companies like Green Retreats and The Garden Escape can turn the humble shed into a smart office with insulation, electricity and double glazing. Best of all, you can take the office with you if you move house. With a second battery charger or notebook docking station, you can plug your Notebook in and start working immediately."
At number 3 is the coffee shop, at number 8 the home office and at number 25 the pub. Can you guess where the bath and the Eiffel Tower score? Well worth a browse and full marks for an inventive and witty list.
Via the always readable Adventures in home working

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  1. I don't have a problem with finding a place to write when there's no one else about. When there is, it's another matter entirely and I'm seriously thinking about a shed (in someone else's garden so that they can't find me!).