Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tiny House Tuesday

There are still a few hours to go on the poll about what you'd like to see next on a Tuesday on Shedworking but while there seems to be considerable support for a Tiny House slot, there have been sufficient votes for the others to indicate plenty of alternative interests. So what's going to happen is a four-week rotation of each, starting today with Tiny House Tuesday, next week Beach Hut Tuesday, etc. Here then is the Boxhome, a 19 square metre shedlike atmosphere with four rooms - kitchen/dining room, bathroom, living room and bedroom. as seen on/in Dwell by architect Sami Rintala in Oslo. Dwell's Clare Dudman, who compares it rightly to the Tardis, says:
"At first glance the Boxhome does indeed look like a small box, its walls a shiny gray metal crisscrossed with insulating glass. Scarcely wider than the length of a person, it is striking and oddly beautiful. It is practical, too. The walls are many-layered: A timber frame houses glass wool insulation clad with particleboard; then there is a special weather-coat layer, an insulating space allowing air to circulate in two directions; and, finally, metal cladding."
The Boxhome was designed for one person but there's certainly room for guests. Rintala is quoted as saying “Maybe this is how we are meant to be, with few possessions and a small space around us.” Or as Dudman says: "Maybe we all need something like a Boxhome from time to time—a quiet santtuary, a small space for our minds to fill." Quite right. The article itself is well worth a browse, as is pretty much everything at Dwell.


  1. Is it just me or does that interior shot remind anyone else of a Turkish prison cell?

  2. Woohoo for Tiny House Tuesday

  3. i like it, this is all in a box