Monday, February 18, 2008

View the Northern Lights shedstyle

A marvellous article in The Observer by Doug McKinlay, about the Ark Hotel which consists of several fishing huts/sheds on frozen lake Tornetrask in the Arctic Circle (a little like the splendid Art Shanty Project) from where you can view the Northern Lights. Here's what he says:
"The idea behind the Ark Hotel comes from a local tradition: men have been building these huts for decades, dragging them out on the ice every winter and fishing from a hole in the floor and ice below...Each is about six metres square and sleeps three comfortably on single beds. The best part is that by each bed is a resealable hole in the wooden floor, allowing guests to fish from the comfort of their down-filled sleeping bags."
But while the piece is nice, the photos by McKinlay from the accompanying slideshow are spectacular. Definitely worth a browse.

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