Friday, February 22, 2008

Around the Shedworld

Trendhunter shows that Kent public lavatories can be great shedlike atmospheres... The Coolhunter profiles Diane von F├╝rstenberg Studio’s new headquarters with its shedlike glass sphere on the roof (pictured above)... WebUrbanist catalogues various houseboats which would be great places for a little light shedworking... Treehugger's Wayback Machine landed near an inflatable tea house (pictured below)...Yanko Design takes a look at another emergency response unit... Modern Residential Design highlights Melling:Morse's seaside loft style living in Kennedy Bay, New Zealand... materialicious likes the green roof workshop and garage by Harrison Architects... Shedblog carries a nice interview with shed champion, fellow Shed of the Year judge and inventor Trevor Baylis... Polly LaBarre from Mavericks at Work has some very interesting things to say about working environements...

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