Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coffee shop shedworking

A nice comment piece in The Times about Café Society which argues that coffee houses have become the new place to work, rest and play. Here's a taster:
"Coffee houses have become the social fulcrum of society, the so-called Third Place between home and office - very often because many people, in an age of portfolio careers and nomadic teleworking, no longer have offices to which they regularly go. We all seek our own neighbourhood Central Perk, the fictional coffee shop in Friends, where we, too, can whine about work, swoon over the other patrons, have hair like Rachel and spend four minutes describing to the barista our preferred personal permutation of ingredients. With food and hot caffeine on tap, it required only wi-fi internet access to persuade many customers that typing on to a laptop while sunk into an armchair - with the next cappuccino just a waiter away - was just like working from home, but with all-day access to muffins."
Well worth a browse.

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