Sunday, February 10, 2008

Choosing a shed - Guy Martin

Somerset-based Guy Martin is a sculptor and designer with both ecologically sensitive domestic interior furniture and garden offices under his belt. Above is Anya's Studio, a portrait artist's garden studio built from the ever-popularWestern Red Cedar from Dorset woodlands. The platform is supported by four cedar poles, each sitting on its own concrete pad to minimise footings. "Its elevation above the ground addresses a potential flood risk which, in turn, provides a delightful view across the garden," says Guy. Below is the Moonhouse which Guy describes like this:
"Spiritual garden retreat. Built on an elevated platform to accommodate the slope. Four stripped pole (tree) construction, supporting cedar shingle roof. The walls are highly insulated as thermal and sound barrier, using straw bales from local farmer, rendered in a lime base, and finished with a coloured lime wash. The front windows and double doors are reclaimed. Heated by a small wood-buring stove. Hand crafted on site."

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