Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tiny House blog

One of the runners in the race to replace Shepherd's Hut Tuesday is Tiny House Tuesday, a subject which to be honest is covered rather nicely already by the Tiny House blog run by the very friendly Kent Griswold. As an example of the site, which is well worth a browse, is the ski lodge featured in the Washington Post by Jura Koncius. It was once used as a children's playhouse but was saved from demolition and the 22-by-17-foot structure resited near Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, the westernmost county in Maryland. Here's what Jura says:
"In planning how to reassemble the cabin, the Stieffs figured they needed a bit more space for family, friends and all that gear. "But it still had to be simple and rustic," Kelly says. They asked a local builder to draw up plans to double the cabin from a mere 600 square feet to about 1,200. The house had a high ceiling and a loft that fit two twin beds with trundles. The new plans called for a two-story addition dug into the slope off the back, creating a master bedroom and bath on the lower level and a sunroom-dining area above. An expanded front porch would offer a spot to gather at night and watch the stars."

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