Monday, January 07, 2008

flujo - home office specialists

flujo specialise in pretty much every aspect of setting up a home office, whether you're after help with furniture, technology, accessories or other services. According to MD David Bridger:
"Often, when we work from home … there is no ‘expert’ to plan our working space and no consultant to advise on design, effectiveness or technology. The result is that: our working space can become ‘cobbled together’ based on how we feel at the time, piles of paper stack up across the floor, work spills over into our home time, and the ‘home office’ can look like it has been airlifted in from a cheap office and shoved into the smallest, darkest space in the house. A colleague of mine incitefully described the study as the ‘poor relative’ of the house. We spend ages thinking about our kitchen, bathroom and dining room – looks, function, space - but when it comes to the place where we might spend quite a lot of time … design principles often go out of the window. And that’s why we started Flujo."
Well worth a browse, whether you're just about to set up or are already underway.

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