Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yurts are a good place to shedwork as we've said before. Here's a nice design from The Bakery Group called the Yurta. They're built in the Lanark Highlands area of Canada using local and sustainable materials, including white ash and the shedworker's friend, cedar. All designs are bespoke but the main structure is main of wood with the outer covers marine canvas or polyesters. Two people could, allegedly, assemble it in 45 minutes. Here's what they say about it:
"The circular space is simply beautiful; combining the finest elements of traditional and modern designs. The structure of the wall, or lattice, is minimized to not only make transport and setup easier, but to add a lighter look and feel to the space. With less structure in the way, windows are accessible and airy…making the indoors of the Yurta feel like an extension of its natural surroundings. The canvas shell allows for a gentle glow with little to obstruct the sounds of its outdoor environment."

Via Treehugger and Azure which also has a nice piece on a live/work home in Pittsburgh.

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