Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Folly-Smith - shed tower

This marvellous shedlike folly tower is by designer Jayne Tarasun, who runs Folly-Smith in Cornwall which specialises in bespoke modern follies. She describes her work as "reviving this unique and celebrated slice of British eccentricity but fusing it with contemporary design principals and traditional, sustainable materials". She uses cedar shingles, a chestnut frame and copper (for the roof) to provide hardwearing self-contained structures. She says:
"Each is a tower of tranquillity, designed to engage the senses, enliven the spirit and offer a platform from which we can establish a reconnection between our landscape, our skyscape and ourselves."
Each 10ft tower is 5ft square and has a mezzanine level. Ladder included. There's a very relaxing video of the shed/folly/tower on the site, complete with that essential shedworking accessory, peacocks. Via the always browseable The Folly Fancier who calls it a 'she-tower'.

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  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    i think this a great idea! I am thinking of getting one. How much does it cost?