Thursday, January 03, 2008

Make your home office smell distinguished

It's very important that your shedworking atmosphere smells good to inspire your creative juices. And what better way of giving you that extra lift than spraying a little essence of In The Library from Christopher Brosius' CB Experience (part of his I Hate Perfume line)? The main note in the scent is taken from a Signed First Edition of one of his favorite novels in Russian & Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish. Here's how he describes the experience:
"I love books, particularly old ones. I cannot pass a second hand bookshop and rarely come away without at least one additional volume. I now have quite a collection… Whenever I read, the start of the journey is always opening the book and breathing deeply. Don’t you find there are few things more wonderful than the smell of a much-loved book? Newly printed books certainly smell very different from older ones. The ink is so crisp. I’ve also noticed that books from different periods & different countries also have very different smells. And then there are the scents of different bindings: leather is marvelous of course but I find a peculiar pleasure in musty worn clothbound books as well. Perhaps just a hint of mildew…"

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