Friday, January 11, 2008

Design Pod

We've covered a range of capsule homeworking pods on Shedworking from Yamaha's Avitecs MyRoom to Pinel et Pinel's i-Trunk as well as several examples of Andrew Maynard's intriguing architecture whose Design Pod is profiled by Colin Dunn at Treehugger. It's a rather nice all-in-one beast which Colin describes as a "sleek, self-contained office-on-wheels which unfolds to reveal a chair, desk and storage space; when the clock strikes 5, everything goes back and you can use the pod to set your martini on".Here's what Maynard says:
"It is a reality of the changing work/studio environment that we are working in larger, shared, non-hierarchical spaces. For the sake of efficiency many feel the loss of their autonomy, and power over their own actions. By using technology to create a sense of ownership and territory, we can empower the individual, while maintaining a free and fluid work/studio environment. There has become a greater need for an immediate work environment that is increasingly malleable, tactile, personal and real. The Design pod offers the individual the opportunity to control their work environment and further more give them the opportunity to manipulate and move their work station into any environment desired."

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