Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Matthew Taylor - mediaPod

Matthew Taylor says the aim of mediaPod is to allow users to "'fly' through a media rich content world" and he describes his work as:
"the integration of environment, work processes and technology to provide human augmentation which facilitates Transition Managers in their work thereby enabling them to remain requisite with the rapidly increasing change and complexity our society has created and now faces but has not prepared for."
In a nutshell, shedworking. Taylor's aims for the mediaPod are that it should be easily and quickly installable, seat four to five adults, have good soundproofing, and fit within a 9 foot ceiling and 10 foot 6 inch footprint.It's interesting inside too with a sliding, rotating shelf mechanism which holds monitors, keyboards and any media equipment. There are lots more photos and plenty of excellent explanation of the actual build at Matthew's site here. In fact he has been working on shedlike atmospheres for some time. Pictured below are details of his Work Conservatory. Built of glass, steel and wood here's how he describes the philosophy behind the idea:
"The theme of the environment is an image from Omar Khayan, a Zen Garden, a piece of Xanadu [link]. The environment is to be tactile and sensuous, high touch and to be, visually, “frozen music.” It is to bring to work the concept of leisure and to bring both into the home. It is “Victorian” (in the best sense of the concept) in sensibility and detailing."
Thanks to John Chapman for the alert.

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  1. Thank you for posting our mediaPOD when it was in development. I have enjoyed reading your book and get your daily updates.

    Here is how the mediaPod turned out:

    for more on our interior “shedworks:”

    We are now in pre-production design and planning of a product design to be a shedwork and to cluster and grow to the scale of a house, small office or the many possible combinations thereof:

    I am having a contest with Facebook friends and ValueWeb members to name this work. I would love it if you and your readers were to join in. My Facebook name is RMattTaylor and the posts starting with “WHAT’S IN A NAME?” are the relevant ones.

    Again, that you for the good work you are doing. It is inspiring.