Friday, January 04, 2008

Friggebod Friday - kiosk

When is a shed not a shed? writes Shedworking's Northern Europe correspondent Sy Willmer. A question I have asked before, but this time the answer is when a shed is a kiosk. Fast food is everywhere in the 21st century but not all societies share the same tastes in processed flesh. Other than the high street and drive through franchise restaurants one finds independent establishments offering fish and chips, chips with mayonnaise and kebabs full of eastern promise to sooth the post pub blues. In some parts of Europe the sausage is king and Scandinavians like to take theirs accompanied by lashings of mashed potato. Sheds are the perfect venue to enjoy a warm length and have a much loved place in the population’s heart. Street kitchens, as they are know after translation, not only supply food but are also the traditional hangout for the local youth with their mopeds along with weekend bikers, and make a perfect stop off for classic car enthusiasts out on a run. Not only am I a shed addict but I'm also a sucker for cheap meat. My needs are well catered for where I live as I can count three of these jolly hot dog huts in my street.

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