Thursday, January 24, 2008


Perry's LittleDiggs site is a marvellous spot, full of shedworking atmospheres and other buildings, apartments, studios, etc, which are 500sq ft or smaller. Here's how he describes it:
"Since moving to NYC from my home town, San Francisco, I've become fascinated and intrigued by small space living. Having lived alone in an 1800 sq ft loft with 13' ceilings in SF to half that space, with my partner and my dog, in a 950 sq ft. apartment, in NYC, seemed like a daunting and impossible prospect. Things like, personal space, editing down everything I own, maximizing space, organization, function, aesthetics, and architecture took on a new meaning for me. Though my current apt. space is considered medium to large by some NYC standards, I became interested in how people live in less than half the space (500 sq. ft or less) than I do."
Well worth a browse

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