Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bookshelf - Shedworking's first spin-off site

Shedworking is about so much more than merely getting on with your work in your garden office (or garden office-like atmosphere). One of the delights of having your own space is that you can furnish it exactly how you like, which is why Shedworking regularly profiles interesting new designs which can make your home office a special place to telecommute from. Naturally chairs and desks are among the most regularly featured items on the site, but so are bookshelves and we've come across so many interesting bookshelf/case designs that we've decided that our first satellite site - rather than cover animal sheds as suggested by Garden Monkey - will be Bookshelf. We've started it up so please do nip across and take a look if you want some book candy. And of course if you spot something on your interweb travels you feel should be featured, please get in touch.

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