Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teknion: third skin shedworking

The Teknion workstation from Breathe Architects is an intriguing idea which the designers say aims "to provide personal control over the immediate atmosphere the user occupies.  Individual control of the systems that deliver comfort fosters awareness of one's environment and establishes personal accountability for tuning each workstation to operate efficiently". They continue:
The proposed workstation is a comprehensive work environment that responds to the user's particular requirements. Similar to the way clothing acts as a second skin, this workstation acts as a third skin in its ability to effectively modulate the atmosphere to suit our senses. 
This third shedlike skin includes a thermostatically-controlled foot warmer, cool storage and manual heat pump plus a furniture system that "can be configured to create zones that are ON when inhabited and OFF when not in use. Sustainable furniture should evolve into a type of living organism that requires light, energy and air to operate and rejuvenate.  Certain parts can then be taken from the workstation to be replenished.".
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