Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ryan Mittleman: shedworker

Ryan Mittleman of WeWillFixIt guides us through his move to shedworking:
My wife and I are expecting our second child in September, Since we moved into our house four years ago I have had to move my office from a spare room, to the dining room! Now we are expecting a new arrival I had no option but to review my working situation.

I am an IT Consultant and Website Designer and as such have a lot of paper work and need access to it easily. My options were to rent an office which was just too expensive to think about and as I spend a portion of my time on site with clients so I wanted something that would not feel like a waste of money.

We have a decent sized garden with two outhouses which I have already worked on for storage purposes and utility room, this left a tatty old shed which was ready to fall down. We decided on the area that the shed was taking up, taking it down and then to the local skips was the easy part.

Once the shed was down, it was then a case of preparing the area, shuttering it off and getting on the phone to ask a mate to deliver the concrete. Once the base was ready I got on to order the cabin. We got it up one rainy weekend in April, insulated the floor and boarded. I have been working in here now for a couple of weeks now and am very chuffed with our handy work. Now it is just a case of keeping the keys away from the rest of the family otherwise I reckon I will be looking for a new office!
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