Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shedworking (and book) in The Sunday Times

A really nice piece about garden offices in The Sunday Times by Katrina Burroughs ('Take it outside'). As well as mentioning the Shedworking book it also namechecks a good range of garden office suppliers including Roomworks who built the music room pictured above for Sharon and Ben Edgar in London. Here's a snippet:
“Now Ben and I can jam together again, and it is serving as a really good rehearsal space,” Sharon says. “The pod is a short distance away from the house, but the psychological distance is immense. When you have small kids, you’re on eggshells. You can’t make too much noise, and that’s restrictive. It’s nice to have a space where we can let go. And it looks amazing at night, with downlights on the wood — as though a spaceship has landed in the garden.”
Well worth a browse

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