Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Leading London digital advertising agency adopts shedworking

A great example of the creative use of shedworking has been employed by digital ad agency TGB in their refitted offices designed by Satmoko Ball. As onoffice magazine reports (or the e-mag version here), there is not only a more open-plan feel to the office including desks on wheels to make movement between teams easier, there is also a plywood shed in reception. Indeed Adrian Ball of Satmoko Ball specifically says that the concept was based on an “urban garden” with green carpet in the public areas as a kind of 'lawn'. Here's a snippet:
"The most obvious interpretation of the theme is the shed, which is situated smack in the middle of the office floor. Inside it has a writing surface, plus little windows on either side that swing open to break-out spaces with low coffee tables, stools and a couch. Although it works as an interesting focal point for the office, the shed doesn’t look particularly comfortable, which might explain its emptiness.
Ball admits that the shed doesn't yet seem to be getting a lot of use but says it is part of the overall plan to "break the space down into little pockets.”
Thanks to Emma Jones for the alert
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