Thursday, May 20, 2010

Doctors who shedwork

One of the questions I'm always asked by journalists writing about garden offices is a) how many shedworkers are there? and b) what professions are they in? They're always a bit upset by my answer to the first (nobody knows - a lot) but always delighted when I reel off a list of unlikely suspects to the second one. I'm now going to add 'doctors' to that list after a chat with Dawn Kubicek from Decorated Shed who told me she always finds it interesting to know what kind of shedworking will go on in the garden offices they build.

"In recent months our garden offices have become increasingly popular due to the amount of people working from home," she told me, "but now our studios are becoming popular amongst doctors. This may be for many reasons from doctors working from home or just the need of extra space with a leisure studio to wind down after those long shifts at the surgery. In many cases doctors take exams throughout their career and a separate, secluded space may be required to get work done without the hustle and bustle in their home on an evening."
Pictured above a selection of the most famous of all doctor's garden office, Tardis sheds on
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