Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lisa Neimeth: shedworker

Tableware creator and sculptor Lisa Neimeth works out of her San Francisco garden office - a converted chicken coop - or what she calls her "house of worship" where she aims to make "durable, unique, hand made functional pieces that rival the "Made in China" culture that is so pervasive". She writes atmospherically about her shedworking ethic at her blog and here's a snippet:
If you are an artist, a maker of sorts-whatever it may be, but something that you spend a lot of time doing each day-you have your place..your space where you work away-often time for hours, and hours again, sometimes sneaking back in late at night to adjust an earlier idea. I have my studio which is my true retreat-my place for quiet meditation an escape, really from the real world-or the world that lurks beyond my studio walls. I am lucky lucky to have a beautiful space to retreat to, and I appreciate it every single day.
Above is the site for her future summer ceramic studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico.
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  1. I like the working space. So nice!

  2. So great looking. Light, functional and cozy ---all at the same time!