Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rocking shed: Incline House

Imagine a rocking chair. Now imagine a shed. Now imagine sticking them together. Voila! The Incline House from Scott's marvellous Deepcraft site. He describes it as a 'folly' and says of this lovely shedworkingesque space:
“The Incline House is one of a series of seasonal, situationist structures, combining the sybaritic delights of contemplative sitting, meandering conversation and mindful motion so essential to a lazy summer evening. I would love to have a building that combines the semi-public, screened front porch and the semi-private rocking chair/porch swing, having spent my formative years lost in conversation/contemplation on front porches."
I also rather like this rocking shed on Avi Abrams' Flickr site, via Paul Barton.
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