Sunday, May 02, 2010

Artificial grass

Inspired by the low maintenance building Roomworks recently installed for a new shedworker, the client then decided to dig up their grass (the kind you mow) and replace it with artificial grass (the kind you hoover). Paul Barton from Roomworks says he was initially sceptical about the idea but in the end felt it looked great - there are even dead bits of 'grass' in it to make it look real. Apparently the artificial grass also has good green credentials. What do readers think?

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  1. If you decorate with plastic flowers and pink flamingos then it makes sense.

    If you work in the garden to feel as though you are in the midst of nature then it may not be the best choice.

    It certainly cuts down on yard work.

    tom olofsson
    chicago, illinois, usa

  2. They way I see it is that one high maintenance but natural material was substituted for another high maintenance (because of the need to clean) but unnatural material. Nothing gained and now nature is covered up. End result: worse.

  3. Anonymous10:44 PM

    I am uncomfortable with artificial grass, but in climates like ours (California) and with water shortages, it can make sense. I recently visited a project with artificial grass that looked and felt as good as the real thing. But it was VERY expensive!
    Malcolm Davies
    CEO YardPods

  4. Truly synthetic turf California is very convenient.. So glad to choose to have this one because its hassle free!

  5. So I think if you want green that much it's a matter of choice & it's better than watering all summer. I think people aim too much for what they consider perfection in their garden when we need to appreciate the natural changes in the seasons more.
    Bellevue artificial grass