Friday, May 21, 2010

Shedworking spaces do well in 2010 RIBA Awards

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has made its annual awards to tip top buildings in the UK (plus a few in continental Europe). There are several shedworking spaces which got the nod including The Workshop, Studio and Offices, Sheffield by DRD Architects, the delightful Balnearn Boathouse from McKenzie Strickland Assocs and Shedworking's favourite, these Creative Business Units pictured above by Heatherwick Studio , low-cost shedworking spaces for sixteen start-up arts enterprises for Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Here's what they say:
Reluctant to dilute the wooded character of the site by superimposing a single campus-style block, the studio chose instead to set eight smaller buildings among the trees. These consist of simple timber frame sheds, split down their centre and pulled apart to provide light and ventilation and a shared entrance area.
The cladding is particularly eyecatching and is made out of steel
which is the thickness of cooking foil (which is cheapish) and crinkled and sprayed with insulation foam.
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