Tuesday, May 05, 2009

There's something on the roof...

There's been an interesting conversation on twitter today provoked by @Laini who said: "Something heavy has just landed on the roof of my garden writing room. It's now scrabbling about. Locking door ... NOW!"

This is a problem that many shedworkers encounter which is not something that those working in traditional offices usually have to deal with. Here at Shedworking HQ, we do constant battle with the back neighbour's rose which spreads all over the roof and down the side of the garden office. We are also engaged in polite and non-damaging warfare with several cats who use the roof as a stalking ground for the bluetits nesting next to the shed.

Anyway, others on twitter chipped in including @BerniKennedy who wondered if Laini's noise might be a fox? "I get lots and cats and pigeons with big boots. Used to get scared but now accepting. Complacency not always ok though!" she said. Also contributing was @TowcesterNews who claimed: "had peacock and peahen, but actually they are quite fleet of foot" and added: "Ah I have a branch brushing against my roof, need to deal with it - are pigeons the loudest birds on the roof?"

Last word goes to@babssaul who felt Laini's precautions were very sensible, adding: "now if you were in a horror film you'd venture out to investigate, unaware of the dangers thereout..."

At the risk of sounding like Alan Partridge, do you have any interesting 'things on my garden office roof' stories to share?

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  1. I've come to the conclusion that my loud visitor that day was a squirrel wearing hobnail boots.

    However, I did see a fox snoozing on our neighbours' shed roof on Sunday. I took some lovely photos!

    Thanks to everyone who joined in on Twitter with comments and advice. I didn't get them in my thread unfortunately.