Saturday, May 16, 2009

The A-Z of credit crunch gardening: S is for...

There's an excellent piece in today's Independent ahead of the Chelsea Flower Show next week by friend of Shedworking Victoria Summerley called The A-Z of credit crunch gardening. And at S in the alphabet is... actually, Shedworking is at O for Office which is a far more sensible place to put it.

Victoria particularly picks out Mark Gregory's marvellous garden (and garden office) for the Children's Society, pictured above, which you should certainly visit if you go to Chelsea (it's an Urban Garden rather than a Show Garden). Here's what the RHS site has to say about it:
The Children’s Society’s entry is a stylish and practical back garden to complement last year’s Gold Medal winning front garden. It continues the story of a family who are very aware of where their food comes from and conscious about their environmental impact. The family have adapted their lifestyle to make the most of the garden while learning how to grow vegetables.

When putting together his garden, designer Mark Gregory tried to remain true to the spirit of A Good Childhood, the landmark report of The Good Childhood Inquiry commissioned by The Children’s Society.

The innovative design - a garden room for use as a playroom or home office so that parents can work flexibly at home - is intended to embody some of the key things that children need to flourish. It incorporates raised vegetable beds.

The report called for families to spend more time doing things together, for adults to pass on their learning and values to children, for children to contribute to the needs of others and for them to eat a healthy diet.

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