Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Tom Thumb, Gambier Island

Bruce Devereux, Recreation & Volunteer Manager at Christenson Village, has sent in details of a lovely shed project at Christensen, a Multi-Level Seniors Care facility on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia (Gibsons, BC). He writes:
"I have developed a new media program working with seniors and sharing stories through both Audio and Video Podcasts. A recent project focused on one of our residents and her garden shed on beautiful Gambier Island, a short ferry ride from Gibsons. We will be doing several more with her talking about all aspects of her Island Life, and family, focusing on how they have evolved over the years."
The shed in question - called Little Tom Thumb - is pictured above and below but for the story you need to watch the truly charming video on their site here.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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