Saturday, May 30, 2009

Name That Shed

The owner of this week's entry is sadly no longer with us but this is a major anniversary year for him. Can you 'Name That Shed'?


  1. The Origin of the shed species?

    Andy Bantock

  2. Now that's interesting - somebody else was thinking along similar lines. I'm afraid not - you'll have to 'compose' your thoughts again...

  3. I know Shostakovich had a big anniversary year this year, but I can't believe that's a Russian shed, it looks way too small - don't they all have massive dachas on their veg growing plots??

    I just went through a list of people born in 1909 and it's amazing - Errol Flynn born then, but also david niven, who didn't become famous (i think) till much older, and in colour / talking! Interesting the way different lives take different arcs.