Friday, May 08, 2009

Shedworking featured on

A smashing write-up at by Katie Lee, founding editor of Shiny Shiny (the first gadgets site for women and who last year was voted one of London’s most influential people by the Evening Standard) under the kind of heading which makes you suspect I wrote it, 'Shedworking: helping to make the internet great'. Here's a snippet:
"The "Long Tail" has made previously niche subjects into huge areas ripe for forums, blogs and specialist online magazines. It's why there are whole social networks dedicated to crafting, bike riding, woodland ownership and camping. Now, you don't need me to tell you that these global communities are bringing people together and connecting interest groups that may have been disparate and isolated before the web. But there's a further benefit that people overlook in the rush to discuss the revival of a village atmosphere amongst the pages of niche websites. Namely, the fact that I can now speak openly of my interest in sheds, crafting and camping without fear of being called out for being a giant dork. Sure, people can *try* to call me a giant dork, but I really don't care what those people think. There's power in numbers, and the geeks have finally inherited the earth.
Well worth a browse

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