Wednesday, May 20, 2009

George Meredith: shedworker

19th century writer and thinker George Meredith put pen to paper in this 'writing chalet' in the grounds of his home, Flint Cottage on Box Hill. According to Nigeness: "He would spend hours in the chalet, in a fug of tobacco smoke, writing, pacing about and conversing with his characters at length... Meredith loved Box Hill - 'I am every morning at the top of Box Hill,' he enthuses, '- as its flower, its bird, its prophet. I drop down the moon on one side, I draw up the sun on t'other. I breathe fine air. I shout ha ha to the gates of the world. Then I descend and know myself a donkey for doing it...'
Via Nigeness (including the photo). Thanks to Christine Farmer for the alert
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