Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shedworking on Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is high up on our favourite notreallyshedworkingbutstillofinterest places to wander around, so we're delighted to see the kind words in their recent write-up of us and that other shed blog. Here's a snippet:
"For those of us who've had fantasies of living, Thoreau style, on Walden pond in a minimalist cabin we may have drooled over streamlined prefabs nestled in forests or dreamed of going off the grid right here in the city. They're great fantasies, but a closer reality might be the humble garden shed, more prevalent in the UK than here in the states, but a great idea nonetheless. The small space once used to hold tools and potting soil is now used as a home office, for outdoor entertaining, as a study, as a playroom and even for gardening."


  1. I saw that. What a great write-up! Congrats, Alex.

  2. "that other shed blog." makes me smile everytime you say that!!

    nice to be mentioned over there