Thursday, May 28, 2009

Iconic Antarctic love shack destroyed

An A-frame hut in Antarctica which was one of Sir Edmund Hillary's favourite spots and was a temporary shedworkinglike home for many New Zealand scientists, artists and politicians, has been destroyed by fire. The fire at the hut on the Ross Ice Shelf near Scott Base (though formerly at the McMurdo Station) started during a routine inspection and diesel refuelling and the dry wood quickly ignited. Happily nobody was seriously injured. Antarctica New Zealand chief executive Lou Sanson said:"The A-frame represented something uniquely Kiwi in Antarctica. It was the concept of a mountain hut mixed with a bach. It was the only place you could really get away from the monotony of base life." According to The Southland Times it was dubbed the 'love shack' after a couple were trapped for 16 hours inside five years ago during a terrible storm.
Thanks to Andrew Bantock for the alert
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